AirTran Airways
Reservations and Information: 1-800-247-8726

American Airlines
Reservations and Information: 1-800-443-7300
Automated Flight Arrival and Departure Information: 1-800-223-5436

Continental Airlines
Reservations and Information: 1-800-523-3273
Automated Flight Arrival and Departure Information: 1-800-784-4444

Delta Air Lines
Automated Flight Arrival and Departure Information: 1-800-325-1999

Independence Air
Reservations and Information: 1-800-FLY-FLYi

NorthWest Airlines/KLM
Reservations and Automated Flight Arrival
and Departure Information: 1-800-225-2525

US Airways/US Airways Express
Reservations and Information: 1-800-428-4322
Automated Flight Arrival and Departure Information: 1-800-943-5436

United Express
Reservations and Information: 1-800-241-6522

Charleston Local Buses

Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) 

Information Phone Line: (843) 724-7420
TriCounty Link
Dispatch Phone Number: 843-899-4096 or 800-966-6631


Charleston Taxis [back to top]

A Airport Express
(843) 552-5639

Airport Limo-Taxi Associates
(843) 572-5083

Anderson Limo-Taxi Service
(843) 744-1554

Charleston Transportation
(843) 747-6111

Checker Taxi
(843) 747-9200

Express Cab Company
(843) 577-8816

Families In Motion
(843) 851-5978

Metro Limo-Taxi Inc.
(843) 572-5083

North Area Taxi
(843) 554-7575

Safety Cab Co.
(843) 722-4066

Summer Creek Taxi
(843) 818-1212

Williams Limo and Taxi Services
(843) 744-2294

Yellow Cab
(843) 577-6565


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Travis Marty

“I just got back from your great city and I had a S-U-P-E-R time!!! Your itinerary was a great help. Thanks for the info about how to get into and out of the downtown area and the tips on parking.”

Mainio Burkhart

“Charleston is beautiful! My husband and I went last weekend, and we plan to make this a yearly weekend getaway! The Calhoun Mansion was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for theTour-It-All-Package. It was a tremendous help!”

Grady Westley