Charleston Touring Itineraries are complete day-by-day details of the best things to see and do while you’re in Charleston. Itineraries include complete information on recommended tours (plantations, carriage rides, house tours, bus tours, walking tours, ETC!) including hours of operation, prices and links (connecting you directly to the web sites). In addition you’ll get touring tips such as how to locate tour coupons (some you can even get on-line!), where the best restaurants are, how to get to/from downtown, where to park and much more!

Save yourself a lot of time and hassle! Through this website you can Select the Charleston Touring Itinerary that is PERFECT FOR YOU for as little as $5. Once purchased you will have immediate access to your itinerary. 

  • Eat where the locals eat

  • Take the best tours

  • Stay at recommended hotels

  • Check out the best places to shop


“I just got back from your great city and I had a S-U-P-E-R time!!! Your itinerary was a great help. Thanks for the info about how to get into and out of the downtown area and the tips on parking.”

Mainio Burkhart

“Charleston is beautiful! My husband and I went last weekend, and we plan to make this a yearly weekend getaway! The Calhoun Mansion was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for theTour-It-All-Package. It was a tremendous help!”

Grady Westley

“We always had your itinerary with us. The restaurants you suggested were wonderful. We had an especially nice evening at 82 Queen.We had a table for two in the courtyard. We truly enjoyed them all, even the lunch at Middleton Place. We each gained at least 5 pounds….We bought these really neat sliver and jeweled necklace slides at the market in Charleston. We loved the pralines and benne wafers. At that point, we were so impressed with your suggestions, that we started asking the vendors at the market, if they knew you.”

James Long

“We used your recommendations almost exclusively and were not disappointed…..Your information kept us doing something and planning the next thing at the same time.  We were sorry we had only the two days but perhaps we will make it back there again. Thanks for doing what you are doing. Good reliable information from the ‘inside’ really helped us have a wonderful time.”

Astor Arn


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