Poem: Sensational Lowcountry

Strong-willed and seeking solitude,
I’m standing like a stone on the old plantation,
Down in Charleston, South Carolina,
This is where I regain some relaxation.

There are exquisite vistas all around,
With that old maritime feel;
Nothing can beat the traditional cooking,
Or a tasty, southern style meal;

The terrain for the most part is flat,
And the enticing atmosphere’s kind of dark.
Curly Spanish moss carpets scores of trees,
And drips off their limbs and bark.

There are cypress swamps and tidal marshes,
With an abundance of greenery and growth;
A lot of parts of them still look uncharted
And tons of wildlife occupies them both.

With a faded rebel flag popping in the wind,
And a slew of snow-white cotton fields,
They capture the very essence of the “old South”,
And the indelible history that it yields.

I can still recall September of 89’,
When hurricane Hugo slashed and swept through.
Many traces of it can still be seen
In some of those tokens it slammed into.

This whole area is just one of a kind,
And a person can really get lost in it all;
Its heritage and treasures shall be everlasting,

And are without a doubt in for the long haul.

As my tiny tribute to the Lowcountry and also a small dedication to your nice site, I would like to share with you a poem that I’ve written entitled, “Sensational Lowcountry”. I was given the wonderful opportunity of having my book of 62 poems, Till The Dreaming’s Done: “Poems Crafted For Thinking People” published this year, and this is actually one of the poems that can be found in my book.

Author: Andy Harley, aharley@ABICORUSA.com, 28 years-old, from Frederick, MD